Well-known Chinese band Nancheng Erge releases first album

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/9/25 19:18:39

Nanchen Erge vocalist Erge Photo: IC

After eight years together, Nancheng Erge, a Chinese band known for its unique Beijing-style fusion of rock and traditional xiangsheng (crosstalk) rapping, released its first album on Wednesday - the self-titled Nancheng Erge.

After coming together, the band quickly became popular for its live performances, which the band performs in traditional xiangsheng clothing while playing Western musical instruments.

Although the band has toured various live houses around the country and performed at numerous large and small music festivals over the past eight years, the group never officially released a complete album.

At a press conference for the album held in Beijing on Wednesday, the band announced that the upcoming album will include two new singles "Geliahao" (Good Buddy ) and "Ping'ange" (Song of Safety), along with their well-known singles such as "Wuhuange" (Song of the Fifth Ring Road) and "Haogu'niang" (Good Girl).

Additionally, the band - which now has increased to six members and includes vocalist Erge, drummer Shen Lan and guitarist Wang Lei - released the schedule for their next national tour, which starts from Beijing's Jiangjinjiu bar on October 14.

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