Innovative opera Blank Out to make Asia’s debut

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/10/17 20:03:39 Last Updated: 2016/10/17 20:03:40

Dutch composer-director Michel van der Aa will bring his new mini-opera Blank Out to the Beijing Music Festival on Thursday and Friday night.

With the new opera, which the composer completed in March, the composer has caused quite a stir by making use of multimedia technology to explore the interaction between a live singer and characters in a prerecorded film projected on the stage.

Like his other operas such as Sunken Garden (2013) and Book of Sand (2015), Van der Aa makes use of a broad range of tools, from classical and electric instruments to apps and even web browsers, to create his works.

Based on the life of South African poetess Ingrid Jonker, Blank Out's story follows a middle-aged man (on film) as he recalls memories of his late mother.

British soprano Katherine Manly leads the Asia debut, together with Roderick Williams as baritone in the film and accompanied by the Netherlands Chamber Choir, also part of the prerecorded film.

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