Nation’s contribution to world economic growth to stay near 30%

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016/10/30 23:23:39

The transition of China's economy will become an important driver of world economic growth, according to Chi Fulin, director of the China Institute for Reform and Development.

Addressing the China reform forum that opened on Saturday, Chi said the contribution of China to the world economy will remain at about 30 percent for the next five years.

He forecast that in the next few years, the global economy will grow slowly while seeking a new balance, which will have an impact on the transition of China's economy.

On the other hand, as the second-largest economy, China's transition and growth is increasingly influencing the world economy.

"It is estimated that the contribution of China's economic growth to the world economy is expected to remain at 25 percent to 30 percent," he said.

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