Drama festival for university students hits theaters

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/11/6 19:28:39

The annual Beijing University Students Drama Festival kicks off in Beijing on Thursday, which will see 13 dramas staged across the city's theaters in the coming 40 days. Scriptwriter and also the honorable chairman of the festival, Yu Baimei, and Yang Qianwu, secretary-general of the Beijing Dramatist Association, were present at the press conference.

According to a press release sent to the Global Times, these 13 dramas including Under the Same Roof, L'amour and As You Like It, were selected from over 100 works and will be staged at theaters like Damai Chao Theatre, Star Theatre, and Theatre Space. The organizers also said at the press event that four dramas will stage 16 free public performances with about 8,000 free tickets handed out to drama followers.

Besides, the festival's committee will select about 20 original and positive drama scripts and send them to 30 universities' drama communities, encouraging the latter to turn the scripts into stage performances. 

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