Youth League to set limit on recruitment

By Cao Siqi Source:Global Times Published: 2016/11/14 23:28:40

New reform plan aimed at improving work of key Party organization

The Communist Youth League of China (CYLC), the powerful organization in charge of the ideological cultivation of the country's youth, plans to set limits on the number of its members and expand awareness campaigns as part of a major revamp.

China is pressing for reform of the CYLC amid rising pressure on the organization to be clean, transparent and closely follow the Communist Party of China's leaders. The CYLC provides one of the main paths to a political career, having groomed some of the country's top officials, including former president Hu Jintao and current Premier Li Keqiang.

A CYLC official told reporters on Monday that the reform plan requires establishment  of a strict system for developing CYLC members in high schools and vocational schools, including control on their number, formulation of membership standards and regulation of the recruitment process.

According to the reform plan, the proportion of Youth League members in junior and senior high schools will be set at up to 30 percent and 60 percent respectively in three years, in a bid to raise the quality of members. The CYLC will explore a new system in which a class monitor will concurrently hold the position of the league's vice secretary. 

Moreover, the plan also stipulates that CYLC branches should implement regular leadership transitions and direct elections, in addition to seeking new ways to structure leagues in high schools and vocational schools.

According to the plan, CYLC branches will establish communication mechanisms with local educational departments. Officials from the CYLC and provincial youth league committees are required to work in high schools at least 15 days per year and establish regular contact with at least 100 young teachers and students. Faculty members who are league officials are required to contact at least one CYLC grass-roots branch annually.

Meanwhile, a full time post of league secretary will be created in five years, who will enjoy the treatment equal to the school's mid-level officials.

"Previously, youth league committees had expanded their scale without paying enough attention to quality. Moreover, as league officials lacked sufficient training and promotion opportunities, they were inactive and their working style was outdated and too rigid to attract young people," Qin Qianhong, a constitutional law professor at Wuhan University, told the Global Times.

The reform proposal will help combat these problems and establish a better league organization, said Qin.

The CYLC has more than  87.4 million members and 3.87 million grass-roots organizations in China as of 2015, the Guangming Daily reported.

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