British Council China launches online platform to inspire women about career

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016/12/5 8:51:28

A program aiming to inspire girls and young women about the world of work launched its online platform on Sunday in Beijing.

Inspiring Women China is a British Council program based on an initiative in Britain. Its online platform will enable this initiative to grow to scale across China with teachers able to connect with and invite volunteers in any chosen field or area to talk with students in their school or college.

The program is expected to inspire young people, girls and young women in particular, to raise their confidence and aspirations and enable them to make better informed choices about their career options.

At the heart of this program is a network of successful women from a broad range of backgrounds who volunteer their time to talk to students about their job, career and the path they took to get there.

Carma Elliot, head of the British Council China, agrees with the Chinese saying of "women hold up half the sky."

She said that the program is also about inspiring the next generation of girls to fulfill their potential in society, and to make the greatest possible contribution to social and economic development.

The platform will enable teachers to connect with and invite volunteers to talk with students in their school, according to Elliot.

She hopes the program could attract 1,000 volunteers in China next year.

With China's two-child policy began this year, the dilemma of career and family becomes gradually apparent. Elliot thought that all family members should share more responsibilities.

She also acknowledged that the policy would bring challenge to the employers. She called on them to fully consider the appeals and demands from the employee's family.

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