Hit black comedy stage play to return to Beijing’s Gulou West Theater on December 29

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/12/25 18:08:39

Black comedy Du Zichun will return to the stage at the Gulou West Theater in Beijing from December 29.

Debuting in September of 2012 at the Beijing Fringe Festival, the play was a huge success.

The play is based on a short fantasy story written during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) that focuses on the character of Du Zichun.

From a rich family, Du loses his wealth after his parents pass away. Shortly after he is given several treasures from an immortal. Selling these treasures he becomes rich, but soon after once again finds himself falling into poverty after all his friends and close relatives "help" him spend his fortune. Eventually, Du learns to rise above material desires and begins following the path to become an immortal.

"Although he failed at the tests the immortal set for him, the audiences will learn something from the play about why we human beings are different from those immortals that have risen above human nature. We have emotions and desires, and more importantly, we can love," the play's director, Liu Zhao, told the Global Times on Sunday.

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