Psychological development starts in the classroom

By Mu Ziyang Source:Global Times Published: 2017/1/9 18:38:39

One recent article in your newspaper discussed China's giant babies. Due to overprotective parents, some adults' mentality level is the same as babies', leading to problems like the emergence of mama's boys and unharmonious family relations.

It is true that China has seen an increasing number of giant babies nowadays. Although some of them obtain high marks in academics and have admirable skills, they are unable to perform daily chores. They are reluctant to make their own decisions and would prefer to ask for their mom's help when facing problems. 

One of my friends is just like this. In university, she had a habit of seeking her mother's approval for almost everything. When our class had some group activities such as going to karaoke, she would ask for her mother's permission to participate. When we invited her to go roller skating, she responded that her mother did not allow her to do this because it's unsafe.

She never had a long-term romantic relationship, with the longest one lasting for half a year. The reasons behind her break-ups were always her mother did not like the boy or the boy's personality did not agree with her mother's.

Too much reliance on mothers can explain some behaviors of "giant infants." They regard themselves as the center of the world and never bother to stand on their own feet, which contribute to a lot of problems such as poor interpersonal relationship and social phobia. And these problems will become more evident when they try to integrate into society.

The development of education has provided China with experts in different fields. However, the overemphasis on study has led to a lack of focus on the psychological progress of students. Receiving too much care from mothers and having no guidance for psychological development from schools is one of the important reasons for the emergence of China's giant babies.

Therefore, it is suggested that our governments and schools pay more attention to students' psychological conditions. More investment should be put into nurturing professional psychology teachers. Health lessons instructing students on how to deal with people-to-people relations and challenges should be a must in school. All will be highly beneficial to students' future development.

In addition, fathers should play a more active role. In most cases, people have more intimacy toward and reliance on their mothers while fathers are regarded as more aloof and stately. Fathers should set a good example in their children's growth.

When children are in trouble, fathers ought to encourage them to solve problems by themselves. When children stand at the crossroads, fathers should inspire them to make their own decisions. Children should be obligated to do housework.

Only by doing these can the number of mama's boys and girls be effectively reduced and personal mental health be guaranteed, and thereby, realizing China's talent training goals.

Mu Ziyang, a freelance writer based in Beijing

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