Century Pennon Culture to work with iQiyi on online literature adaptations

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/1/10 17:18:39

Beijing Century Pennon Culture will dedicate more time and energy into adapting more Chinese online literature works into stage plays and other mediums in the upcoming years, the company, one of China's largest stage production studios, announced in Beijing on Monday.

Wang Pengfei, the studio's founder and owner, announced that the company has reached deals with Chinese streaming sites such as iQiyi to collaborate together to transform online literature works into "Super IP" cross-media franchises by adapting them into not only stage plays, but also streaming TV series, mobile games and even VR content as well.

In 2010, Century Pennon Culture produced the stage play Li Lei and Han Meimei, an adaptation based on two characters that appeared in English learning textbooks widely used by students in China during the 1990s.

The drama became a blockbuster hit that toured more than 30 cities around the nation.

Since then, the company has launched similar projects annually.

"It is time to embrace the streaming age," Wang said.

"Kui Long Jade, which we are working on with iQiyi, will be our first and largest project this year. It will consist of an innovative streaming movie plus stage plays and is set to come out in July."

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