China prepared for long-term struggle on Taiwan question under Trump

By Bai Tiantian Source:Global Times Published: 2017/1/15 23:18:39

Experts said China is prepared to engage in a long-term struggle on the Taiwan question with the US, after China's foreign ministry responded to US President-elect Donald Trump's statement, saying the one-China policy is the political foundation of bilateral ties and is "non-negotiable."

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang made the remarks Saturday in response to Trump's statement that the one-China policy on Taiwan is up for negotiation, and that he is not fully committed to it.

"Everything is under negotiation including one-China," Trump was quoted as saying in a Friday interview with the Wall Street Journal.

China's foreign ministry had previously refrained from directly commenting on Trump's statements or his protocol-breaking phone call with Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen. Trump is less than a week away from becoming the 45th US president.

"China cannot and will not offer anything in exchange for the one-China policy, and Trump must understand that," Shi Yinhong, director of the Center for American Studies at Renmin University, told the Global Times.

"China's clash with Trump on the Taiwan question will last as long as it takes. If Trump refuses to listen to what China has to say, China's reaction will escalate accordingly," Shi said.

He also noted that China will be closely watching what Trump does as president rather than what he has been saying.

The government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legitimate government representing China, "which is an internationally recognized fact and no one can change it," Lu said.

"We urge the relevant party in the US to realize the high sensitivity of the Taiwan question and abide by commitments made by previous US governments to the one-China policy and the principles of the three joint communiqués."

Xinhua contributed to the story

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