Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg to open family chain restaurants in China

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/1/19 7:59:31

Hollywood celebrity Mark Wahlberg and his chef brother Paul Wahlberg is expanding their family restaurant business "Wahlburgers" to China.

Wahlburgers hosted an celebration this Tuesday night in Hollywood and announced that it will open three new restaurants in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wuhan in 2017.

"I really believe in my brother and the experience he provides," Mark told Xinhua at the announcement, "it's one thing to have a celebrity concept, and that may get people in the door. But the thing that gets people coming back time and time again... is because of the experience my brother provides."

With 30 years of experience, Paul Wahlberg, the chef of Wahlburgers introduced that the Wahlburgers' new menu in China will remain its authentic American flavor, but also will adapt the Chinese taste.

"I have to go there and to have these really authentic Chinese experience," Paul told Xinhua, "I'm really looking forward to do some research to adapt the menu."

Wahlburgers was established in 2011 in the state of Massachusetts. It now has over 10 restaurants in 7 states in the US and in Canada.

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