Chinese movie ‘The Door’ to compete with ‘La La Land’ on Valentine’s Day

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/2/12 17:23:39

Promotional material for <em>The Door</em> Photo:IC

Promotional material for The Door Photo:IC

Chinese fantasy movie The Door is set to hit big screens across the country on Valentine's Day (Tuesday), the film's producers announced in a press release on Friday.

This means that veteran actor Jiang Wu's latest work will end up going head-to-head with Hollywood musical La La Land, the Golden Globe's biggest winner and a hot Oscar nominee starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

The Door tells the story of a normal auto mechanic Cheng Tianle (Jiang Wu) who one day accidently receives a magic key from an old man. Using the magical key, Cheng can travel into a different world, where he is a super-rich tycoon who lives a life of luxury with his dream-girl. However, as he continues moving between worlds, he gradually becomes lost between the two different universes. 

According to the film's female lead Jiang Qinqin, the movie is a metaphor for a mid-life crisis.

"When reaching middle age, people experience changes both physically and mentally. As someone who will eventually suffer that experience, I hope to find something in the movie that speaks to me," she said.

The film's director Liang Dong stated that he hopes to express his philosophy on life through the film.

"No matter what decision the main character makes, it will effect both worlds. The film is a more realistic take on time travel," the director wrote in the press release.

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