Nonagenarian pens love poems to wife across 62 years Published: 2017/2/14 10:23:04

A 94-year-old academic has warmed the cockles of Chinese netizens' hearts this Valentine's Day with poems to his wife, expressing deep, enduring love for his partner of over six decades.

Feng Duan, a physicist at Nanjing University, has been writing poems to Chen Lianfang, his 90-year-old wife, throughout their 62 years of marriage. In one of the touching works, Feng describes the love he has for his beloved, writing: "My heart is filled with vernal sunlight every time I think about you."

The ode has been trending on Sina Weibo under the hashtag "NonagenarianWritesLovePoemsForWife," having garnered around 20,000 page views as of press time.

"Now we live to old age in conjugal bliss, and will be together forever," reads another of Feng's poems, titled "Laud to Diamond," which he wrote in honor of their diamond anniversary.

"He wanted to give me a diamond ring for our diamond anniversary, as he never had the chance to give me [fine jewelry]. He is my diamond, so why do I need another one?" Chen told Modern Bulletin, a Nanjing-based newspaper, adding that she has held onto every poem Feng has written for her during their marriage.

The poems have touched many netizens, with some deeming the poems "the best gift a woman could receive in her life."

"Roses, wine and rings, none of those things can compete with Mr. Feng's love songs. I hope the old couple can live happily ever after," wrote one netizen.


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