Brother and sister, both 4, die after falling five stories at Tianjin mall

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/2/28 17:53:39

Two four-year-old children died from a five-story fall after their father accidentally dropped them over a barrier in a shopping mall in Tianjin.

The brother and sister went to the Joy City mall in the municipality's Nankai district with their parents on Monday evening, Tianjin police Tuesday said on their Sina Weibo account.

The father was holding the children while looking over a 1.3 meter-high barrier outside a restaurant on the fourth floor when one child fell five stories to a basement floor, news site Thepape reported Tuesday.

While attempting to grab the first child, the second slipped from his grasp and also fell over the barrier, the report said.

 The report did not explain how the first child fell or where the mother was at the time.

The two children were killed instantly by the fall at 9pm, police said.

Police cordoned off sections of the mall including the scene in the basement, the barrier on the fourth floor and nearby elevators and stairs. They also, covered the siblings' bodies with a sheet and immediately began an investigation.

Video footage of the aftermath taken by bystanders shows the parents crying hysterically while holding their children's bodies.

While many netizens expressed their condolences to the mother and father, and their pity toward the children, others criticized the parents for being "careless."

 "What was the father thinking? How could he lean on such a high fence with two kids in his arms?" Sina Weibo user "Jasmine" said.

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