Mexico to build 52 new clean energy parks by 2019

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/3/2 10:07:59

The Mexican government is planning to build 52 new clean energy parks by 2019 at an investment cost of 6.6 billion US dollars, Energy Minister Pedro Joaquín Coldwell said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the opening of the sixth Mexico WindPower summit, Coldwell stated that 34 different companies would make the needed investments to expand the country's wind and solar energy infrastructure in the next three years.

"By 2019, a total of 34 companies will invest 6.6 billion US dollars to build 52 energy generation centers," he announced.

Coldwell explained that wind energy is the clean power source which has seen the largest expansion in installed capacity in Mexico, with a growth of over 100 percent in 2015.

He estimated that in the next 15 years, Mexico would install a further 12,000 megawatts of wind power capacity, with half of these already under construction or with planning underway.

The minister highlighted the interest shown by industry leaders in the Mexican market, given its wind potential and the favorable policies passed by the government. In April, Mexico is set to hold its third electric round of long-term tenders.

For his part, Leopoldo Rodriguez, president of the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE), said that 1,100 megawatts were already planned.

"By 2020, we have the goal of reaching 12,000 megawatts. This would represent total investments of 12 billion US dollars," he said.

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