Two sessions exhibit political confidence

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/4 0:28:39

The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference convened Friday, kicking off this year's two sessions, a major political event in China and an annual occasion to pool information and ideas of the entire society.

The two sessions draw far more attention in China compared to the attention received by foreign parliaments in their respective countries.

This year's two sessions are particularly important. In 2016, the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of China confirmed General Secretary Xi Jinping's position as the core leadership, and this autumn we will welcome the 19th Party Congress.

The two sessions will strike a harmonious accord with the deliberations of Party meetings.

China entered a new phase of development since the opening of the 18th Party Congress in late 2012. Having encountered a series of challenges that could endanger China's development, the country overcame all of them, and during the process Xi's position as the core of the Party's leadership was formed, which became a political advantage of the Chinese nation in international competition.

The two sessions promote the Party's policies in society and garner public consensus, which is a unique political arrangement that provides valuable experience to the world.

The history of human society is a process of experiment in political systems. The Western model of political system was hailed for modernizing a limited number of countries, however, now that the system of party politics in Western countries has met with difficulties and its spread in the world is haunted by frustration, other political systems are gaining more recognition around the globe.

China's political system is no doubt the most successful non-Western model, as it has benefited a population that is larger than the entire Western society combined. Development is the biggest theme for China in modern times, and maintaining stability is the most valued property in the country after going through social turbulences and political unrests.

China's achievements since the 18th Party Congress have surpassed the imagination of all politicians, with a sweeping anti-corruption campaign, economic transformation, military reforms and other progress. All these changes are taking place in China at the same time, while the country still maintains firm stability. This has set an exceptional example for global social governance.

We wish this year's two sessions will generate more political, economic and social resources. The two sessions will serve as a major platform for the development of Chinese democratic politics.

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