China's to make latest AI push in national security, economy

By Bai Tiantian Published: 2017/3/11 17:24:23

China is seeking to further promote the research of artificial intelligence and pushing for its application in economy and national security. 

Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology said at a Saturday press conference during the two sessions in Beijing that China will release a development plan on AI research soon after the two sessions. 

Wan said China would pay special attention to AI topics such as deep learning, cross-border integration, human-machine coordination and group intelligence. 

"We have gathered experts from various fields to make an AI innovation and development plan to push for the use of AI in the economy, as well as social welfare, environmental protection and national security," Wan said. 

He noted that the Chinese government would allocate special funds to support research and launch a platform to share the technology with the public. He noted that China has also done considerable work in intelligent robotics, power grid and transportation applications. 

Other key government science projects slated through 2030 include quantum communication, quantum computer, big data and Internet security. China has also put considerable resources into developing high-end chips, integrated circuits, new generation broadband communications and a fifth generation mobile communication network, Wan said. 

So far, China has established 146 high-tech zones across the country and has recently approved the upgrade of 10 zones. 

Wan said all these high-tech zones have developed at a speed of over 10 percent between 2010 and 2015, and 17 of them have grown at an annual speed of 30 percent. He noted that Zhongguancun, a district in Beijing known as China's "Silicon Valley", has contributed to 24.7 percent of the city's GDP. 

Wan stressed that China has strengthened protection of intellectual property. He said that the number of patents owned by China is listed third in the world.


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