Turkish experts hail China's role in coping with global problems

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/3/11 22:47:42

China has been playing a prominent role in world affairs as closer cooperation among nations is needed than ever to cope with global problems, Turkish analysts said.

China has been contributing to the world stability over the years "by playing its cards carefully, by giving prominence to the soft power and by not claiming to be the 'gendarme of the world,'" said Yasar Yakis, a former Turkish foreign minister.

In his opinion, China is increasing its capacity to play role in the global governance," he said, adding "The soft power that it projects in various parts of the world is the best tool to assume bigger responsibility."

He spoke of the "very positive roles" China is playing in new mechanisms emerging in recent years, or nascent international organizations dealing with important technical challenges facing the world.

"China has the potentials to contribute more to the work of these organizations," Yakis added.

In the view of Cahit Dilek, director of the Ankara-based 21st Century Turkey Institute, China should make use of the "positive perception" created by its relations in various fields in the international arena to help settle global and regional problems and clashes.

Fikret Baskaya, a professor of economics and president of the Istanbul-based Free University, observed that China led the so-called emerging countries and changed the balance of power in the world.

"As far as global geopolitics is concerned, that stands for a positive change," he noted.

Baskaya said the formation of institutions, like the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the New Development Bank BRICS and the Silk Road Fund, has the potential to change the management and physiognomy of the world economy.

As unprecedentedly strong cooperation is needed among nations to solve global problems at the current stage, while opposite tendencies have started to emerge, "it is more important than ever to multiply, popularize initiatives such as the 'Belt and Road,'" he said.

"We are at a time when a new perspective and understanding toward the problems of the humanity is called for, because global risks are getting so big as to threaten the future of the humanity and the civilization," the professor added.

The Belt and Road Initiative, put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, aims to build a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along the ancient Silk Road trade routes.


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