Racism stems from disdain, indignation over China’s rise

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/14 0:13:39

Spreadshirt, a German online retail company, was recently found selling T-shirts with slogans insulting to Chinese people. After the Chinese Embassy in Berlin demanded the firm to halt the sale of such products and explain its conduct, Spreadshirt argued that slogans on its shirts such as "Save a dog, Eat a Chinese," "Save a shark, Eat a Chinese" are not racist and the company is only providing an open and creative platform for designers.

Every once in a while, some private institutions in Europe and the US engage in actions which are offensive to China. In most cases, local society failed to condemn them harshly enough and sometimes even hold an indulgent attitude toward them. This is the root cause why such expression never ends.

People might still remember a Chinese laundry detergent advertisement last year, in which a black man was put in a washing machine and came out white. The company was sternly rebuked by the public. The advertisement was banned, relevant companies suffered reputational damage and gained nothing at all in the end.

However, in European countries and the US, when some people insult China, they can easily be protected by "freedom of speech." If China reacts strongly, they might even become famous, and their gains may likely outweigh their losses, which makes Chinese people even angrier.

Is the expression "eat a Chinese" humorous? Of course not. It expresses strong dissatisfaction with some Chinese who eat dogs and shark fins to gain attention and provoke the Chinese. Such behavior can be persuasively argued as racism from every perspective.

Yet due to European and US displeasure with some Chinese eating dog meat and shark fins, some people are bold in being racist over such topics.

Doing nothing about those racist remarks would mean indulging in such poor actions. That's why we are clearly registering our objections. 

It should be noted that when people from European nations and the US offended China in the past, they were looking down on us. But now, their psychological causes to insult China are more complicated.

Most of the time, they are indignant and disturbed by the emergence of China and tend to vent their sense of imbalance through offensive words.

No matter how we communicate with those who insult China, we should not allow ourselves to show our exasperation. These people are just a bunch of inferior populists in Western society.

China has developed into a focus of the changing global pattern. Some people and forces are trying to take advantage of this biggest hot spot in the globe.

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