India top judge calls for speedy legal aid, justice to all

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/3/19 8:29:39

India's top judge on Saturday called for speedy aid for all people in the country so that all cases should be given expeditious disposal.

While addressing a legal services annual event in capital city New Delhi, Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar said that expeditious disposal of cases was the need of the hour and voiceless and vulnerable must not be denied legal aid and services.

"No accused should remain unrepresented and legal aid should be given to everyone as and when required," he said.

He lamented that justice for all was still a dream in his country.

"Ours is a strange country. The bigger the criminal, the bigger is the outrage," Khehar said.

"I have wondered over the years, what about the victims. I have wondered over the years, what about the families which have lost their bread earner. I have wondered over the years, what about that acid attack victim who has been defaced and cannot survive the society. I think about rape victims and their lives and I wonder why we don't reach out to them."

Khehar took over as 44th chief justice of India in January this year. He is the first chief justice from the minority Sikh community. Khehar will hold the tenure for over seven months upon his retirement in August.

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