‘Four Matchstick Men’ comes to National Theatre of China’s Small Theatre

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/19 16:13:39

Promotional material for Four Matchstick Men Photo: Courtesy of Yi Ning

Three mini-stories about four people who share an apartment in Shenzhen over two days… Chinese stage play Four Matchstick Men brought a story that takes place in many major Chinese cities today to National Theatre of China's Small Theatre in Beijing from Friday to Sunday.

Produced by the Shenzhen-based Lychee Young drama troupe, the play is inspired by the production team's true experiences making their way in society after graduating from university.

During a Q&A event after Friday's premiere, producer Liu Ziyuan said each member of the team contributed their own inspirations drawn from real life to the story. The team spent almost three years transforming the play from a rough idea to a full-scale stage play at the National Theatre of China.

"When we started out, we had to support the play by taking on other jobs like making short films. Fortunately, we later received support from local community and artist associations, which funded us so we could rehearse and turn the play into what is today," he said.

The play will head to Shenzhen in April. Liu also unveiled that the play marks the beginning of what they are calling their Shenzhen Drifter trilogy.

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