Man welded into building for ‘9 days’

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/21 19:33:39

A Guangzhou Province renter turned squatter said he survived more than a week without food or water in a building after his former landlord welded him inside.

Huizhou authorities said they received a call from the trapped man, surnamed Tao, from inside the building.

Firefighters were forced to cut through rebar spot-welded across the front door. Metal rods had also been welded across a window.

Tao emerged to tell his rescuers he had been trapped inside for nine days without food, water or electricity.

While it was not mentioned why Tao waited nine days before calling authorities, he admitted to breaking into the building through a window.

The landlord, who was not named, told police he had re-secured the window after noticing it had been pried open without knowledge that anyone was inside.

This is the second time Tao was caught squatting in the property, which led the landord to weld bars across the windows and doors.

"He owes me 20,000 yuan ($3,333)," said the landlord.

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