Internet firms strive to grow given sluggish capital market

By Huang Ge in Bo'ao Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/24 11:01:59

Domestic Internet companies have growth potential despite the sluggish capital market, and chances for advancement exist as the Internet brings changes to many traditional industries, an entrepreneur said.

Although the period when Internet companies could easily attract plenty of capital has already passed, investors are still willing to invest in sectors like the bike-sharing platforms, which recently aroused much attention in the market, Sun Maohua, COO of domestic online travel agency Ctrip, told the Global Times in an interview during the Bo'ao Forum on Thursday. 

"In fact, investors are waiting for opportunity. If the opportunity comes, Internet firms could obtain money," she said.

Sun noted that currently many industries can be combined with the Internet, but what matters is that how traditional sectors could employ the Internet to improve their efficiency.

For instance, the logistics sector could further develop through the connectivity of online and offline services and many technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence are likely to help the sector enhance operational efficiency, according to Sun.

Although mergers and acquisitions frequently took place in the sector, Internet startups also have opportunity for growth through efforts like setting up a complete business model or having a clear blueprint for practice, she said.

"But what should not be neglected is that now it is harder for these Internet firms to harvest fruit than they could in the past," Sun said, noting that startups are expected to beef up efforts to integrate their business instead of merely borrowing the concept of online to offline to attract capital.

In 2017, the sharing economy is rising dramatically and is expected to be further explored, Sun said.


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