For Sex Pistol John Lydon, world was overdue for ‘shake-up’ like US President Donald Trump

Source:AFP Published: 2017/3/29 19:18:41

Political events lately had been unimaginable to many - Britain is leaving the European Union and Donald Trump is president of the US. One person less surprised is John Lydon.

For the frontman of the Sex Pistols, whose thumb-nosing punk revolution rocked the establishment in the 1970s, the tumult shows just how complacent the intervening generations had become.

"I think every now and again the world needs a shake-up. Apathetic attitudes always get what they deserve," the sneering singer formerly known as Johnny Rotten told AFP.

Trump, he said, is "kind of the kick up the arse that people needed."

The punk rocker doesn't count himself as a supporter. He has criticized Brexit and faulted Trump in particular for his opposition to legal abortion - a subject Lydon tackled 40 years ago in the song "Bodies."

But Lydon, born in London to working-class Irish immigrants, said he understood economic "desperation" and shared a deep disdain for politicians.

"The issue of dealing with politics as usual, I think, is now dead," he said in the telephone interview.

Lydon faulted today's music world for failing to agitate in the same way.

"We've had a couple of generations now that loved to wallow in apathy and silly beards and daft gray tea-cozy hats. They all look the same, they all talk the same," he said.

"There is no energy in it and so it ends up being incredibly negative and so it left the door open for The Donald."

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