Parents of wrongfully-executed man to get $388,998

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/3/30 17:53:40

Parents of wrongfully-executed man to get $390k

The Hebei Provincial High People's Court announced that the State will pay 2.68 million yuan ($388,998) as compensation to parents of a man wrongfully executed over 20 years ago for rape and murder.

Zhang Huanzhi, the mother of Nie Shubin, told news portal on Thursday that she "has no objection and will not appeal."

The decision will take effect in a month.

The compensation includes 1.26 million yuan for Nie's death and funeral expenses, 52,579 yuan for violating Nie's personal freedom, and 64,000 yuan for Zhang's living expenses, reported.

Nie's parents will also receive another 1.3 million yuan for mental damage, which is the highest amount of such compensation so far in China, according to  

Nie was convicted in 1995 for raping and murdering a woman surnamed Kang on the outskirts of Shijiazhuang, North China's Hebei Province, and was executed the same year at the age of 21.

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) in December 2016 reversed the conviction for insufficient evidence and unclear facts. The SPC said the reversal is an important step in improving the judicial system and preventing cases from being wrongly adjudicated, while also serving as a painful lesson to ensure that such a tragedy is not repeated.

The court's decision attracted wide attention in China, with legal experts saying it's a test of China's judicial system, while the public sympathized with the man who was wrongly convicted at a young age.

Newspaper headline: Parents of wrongfully-executed man to get $390k

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