Take That manager hopes to emulate band’s success second time round with newly formed group Yes Lad

Source:Reuters Published: 2017/4/13 18:38:39

Members of Take That pose for a photo in 1993 Photo: IC

Nearly 30 years after forming British chart toppers Take That, manager Nigel Martin-Smith hopes to emulate his 1990s boy band success a second time round with a new all-male group.

Just like Take That in its heyday, Yes Lad counts five members hailing from northern England and ranging in age from 17 to 20.

The group release their debut single "Walk Away" this month. Nigel-Smith describes their music as "quality pop."

"I have not put a band like this together since Take That," he told Reuters in an interview.

"It was the anniversary of Take That's first hit or whatever and I thought... why haven't I put all the ingredients that made Take That so successful - why haven't I looked for them and done it again - and this is the result really."

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