US seeks "win-win" trade relations with Indonesia: Pence

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/4/20 19:00:22

US Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that the US government sought "win-win" trade relations with Indonesia.

The remarks came as Washington reviews trade with 16 partners which has led US suffering from deficit.

Pence and Indonesian President Joko Widodo met in Jakarta on Thursday, agreeing on free and fairer trade which can spur economic expansion in both nations.

Pence said US exporters should face a level playing field and the trade relations should be "win-win."

Indonesian President Widodo said there will be a team to discuss the management of bilateral trade and investment based on the "win-win" solution.

Widodo also said the two nations would strengthen strategic partnership which will focus on cooperation and investment.

Indonesia, southeast Asia's biggest economy, is among the 16 US trade partners under review for having a trade surplus with the United States.

Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla has argued that Indonesia's low importation from the United States is partly due to high price of the products.

The total trade volume between Indonesia and the United States reached 23.4 billion US dollars last year, with Indonesia having a surplus of 8.8 billion US dollars, according to Indonesian trade ministry.

Indonesia mainly ships textiles, seafood and footwear to the United States, and mainly imports aircraft, machinery and soybean from the world's largest economy.

Pence arrived in Jakarta on Wednesday evening for a two-day visit to the country.


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