Figuratively speaking

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/4/22 0:25:47

2 - the number of seconds that the fluffy catkin can be lit on fire and spread, according to an experiment conducted by firefighters in Daxing district. Beijing has seen lots of fluffy catkins in the air. Since there is a large amount of fat in the catkins, it proves that they are easily ignitable. In the experiment, the fire caused by the catkin can quickly burn other items around them. Firefighters suggest that residents not throw cigarette butts on the ground, parents should watch their kids carefully and wood factories and gasoline supply stations should clean the fluffy catkins off their window screens and yards to ensure safety.

2,682 - the amount of money in yuan ($389) that a woman surnamed Feng in Beijing was cheated out of. Feng bought a piece of clothing from an online store at 119 yuan. Later, someone who claimed to be a customer service staff member from the store called Feng and said the clothes they sold were found to contain formaldehyde, and they are reclaiming the clothes and refunding the customers. Feng said she did not want to return the clothes or get the refund, but the staff insisted. After following the instructions the staff gave her, she never received a refund, but the staff had taken more than 2,500 yuan from her. Another customer service staff from the store said someone might have stolen Feng's information and they will cooperate with the investigation of the local police.

130,000 - the amount of money in yuan it will cost to repair a Lamborghini that was scratched by a man surnamed Li. Li, a car lover, had seen a Lamborghini parked in his residential compound for days, and stole the car's logo decal. However, the paint was scratched during the process. The car's owner found the scratch and sent the car to the repair shop. When he found out the repairs would cost 130,000 yuan, he called the police. The police found Li based on the footage from the monitoring camera and discovered he had the car's logo decal. Li was detained. He said that he did not expect that he would bring such a big economic loss to the car owner. The case is under investigation.

2 - the number of years that a man surnamed Tan was sentenced to prison by Tongzhou district court. In August, Zhang Liang and his friends played around a river in Tongzhou where they first met Tan. Tan was swimming in an area of deep water after getting drunk. He swam to the bank and invited Zhang and his friends to come swim with him, promising he would teach Zhang to swim. Zhang was brought to the area of deep water by Tan, and he drowned.


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