2nd aircraft carrier milestone of nation’s defense development

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/4/26 23:28:40

China launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier, the Type 001A on Wednesday, another milestone in China's naval and national defense construction. Aircraft carriers are a significant strategic tool, and an effective show of deterrent force. The vessels have played a special role in geopolitical conflicts since the Cold War, making them more militarily and strategically significant. The ability to build an aircraft carrier is indispensable for China to become a first-ranked power.

The launch marks a key step that China has taken toward becoming a first-tier power. Although it may take a long time for the country to have air-craft carrier strike groups, the prospect can be anticipated.

While applauding the launch, we should keep calm over strategy. China has seen overall military progress in recent years. Apart from aircraft carriers, breakthroughs have been made in nuclear-powered submarines, advanced fighters, cargo aircraft and strategic missiles. Systematic improvement in China's national defense capability is built on China's growing economic and technological strength.

China's economic development and national defense construction are healthily intertwined and mutually supported. The progress of the Chinese People's Liberation Army echoes national development.

Many point out that there is still a gap between China's domestically built aircraft carrier and US-made ones. Japan was capable of building aircraft carriers before WWII. Although disappointing, these remarks are worth attention. Difficulties during China's rise are unpredictable.

While peripheral countries were our references when China was weak and poor, the world's highest-level development is now our only reference since China has become a major power. Chinese have to spare no effort to develop our country into a first-ranked power.

The Type 001A is a milestone of China's military construction and comprehensive strength, and numerous such milestones are needed to pave the way for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Major powers must be comprehensively developed, but China still has a number of "shortcomings" in fields like national sovereignty, core technology and internal governance. With aircraft carriers, China may still be at risk of exterior attacks if other "shortcomings" are not overcome.

Having a domestically built aircraft carrier is also inspirational. China is taking concrete steps to be a first-rate power. If it carries on with these efforts, China's future will be positive, and Chinese people can also witness inspiring changes brought by the prosperity of the country.

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