Malaysia arrests six linked to Islamic State

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/5/3 13:21:51

Malaysian authorities had arrested six of its citizens for suspected involvement in activities related to the Islamic State (IS), the Malaysian police said Wednesday.

The six suspects, four men and two women, were arrested in a series of counter-terrorism operations in several Malaysian states between March 24 and April 25.

The police said one of the two female suspects was detained by Turkish authorities in February when she was trying to enter Syria to join IS. The other female suspect was accused of promoting terrorism propaganda through the social media platform of Google Plus.

Of the four male suspects, two are accused of smuggling fire arms from southern Thailand. The third one was arrested at the airport after he returned from Syria engaging in militant activities. The last man was accused of using Facebook to promote terrorism and plotted to attack a mosque in northern state of Penang.

The police also said they are still looking for another suspect, 27-year-old Muhammad Muzaffa Arieff Bin Junaidi, who managed to flee to southern Thailand with a pistol and two M4 carbine assault rifles.


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