Top legislature says tobacco, healthcare and state supervision on 2017 agenda

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/5/3 19:18:39

Chinese lawmakers will revise the country's law on administrative supervision to turn it into a State supervision law this year, according to a new plan released by the top legislature.

The bill aims to provide a legal guarantee for a centralized, unified, authoritative and highly efficient State-level government work supervision system, and is scheduled for deliberation at the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee for the first time in June.

Legal revisions and new bills on public libraries, a tobacco tax, a vessel tonnage tax, the prevention and control of soil pollution, international judicial assistance in criminal matters, community correction and basic healthcare will also be submitted to the legislature for a first reading in 2017.

Meanwhile, the NPC will review amendments to laws on farmers' specialized cooperatives, the justice system and the national anthem later this year.

In June the committee will continue deliberating or revising laws on intelligence gathering, small and medium-sized enterprises, and water pollution.

The Standing Committee held its bi-monthly session between April 24 and 27, adopting a revised surveying and mapping law and ratifying two treaties.

A quota distribution of deputies to 13th NPC was adopted at the session, according to which no more than 3,000 deputies should be elected, with 36 from Hong Kong and 12 from Macao.

Lawmakers also decided to extend the trial reform of the people's juror system by a year to increase public participation in legal proceedings.

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