C919 maiden flight showcases success of China model

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/5/6 0:23:39

China's homegrown C919 passenger jet successfully completed its maiden flight on Friday. 

With the evolution of globalization, the competitiveness of the world's major powers is also evolving. The development of China's first homegrown aircraft reflects the country's manufacturing strength and signals a shift in the influence of the big powers on the international stage. It only took 10 years from the initiation of the project to test flight. China once again amazed the world with its "China speed." A range of China's showpiece industrial products including the high-speed railways, domestically built aircraft carrier and homegrown passenger jet are evidence of the country's growing industrial might. What enables China to achieve "China speed" is the country's industrial system that remains the most complete in the world. 

The manufacturing of a jumbo passenger jet was not only a challenge to China's aviation industry but also to the country's industrial coordination and innovation capability. China's determination to develop the jumbo jet project is certainly not for winning China a "big power" label but for creating a big scalable platform for China's aviation manufacturing sector and the entire manufacturing industry. 

The manufacturing of the jumbo passenger jet also symbolizes China's ability to transcend itself. Although some technologies and equipment are still purchased overseas, the assembly of these technologies and equipment represents a big leap, which also sets off an all-around competition and upgrade of the aircraft manufacturing-related industries. It is believed that the moment C919 took its maiden flight, thousands of manufacturers were revving up and seeking to become a supplier of components for the jet.     

We should also view this development against the backdrop of globalization. The C919 will surely increase competition in the global aviation technologies and markets. The jumbo jet is a result of China's upgrading of its manufacturing industry. In the history of the world's aviation industry, Boeing and Airbus have also gone through this process. The success of C919's maiden flight heralds a new era and sparks fresh competition. But unlike before, the competition is inspired by an emerging economy which relies on itself and strives to distinguish itself in the world. 

From cheap Made-in-China products that can be found all over the world to the jumbo jet that serves as a new proxy for Made-in-China quality, we cannot help asking: What drives the improvement in the quality of Made-in-China products. Political, economic, cultural elements and core values are all embodied in the creation of the jumbo jet. The success of C919's maiden flight once again convinces the world of the magic of the China model.  

However, Friday only marked C919's debut flight and the project still faces a long journey ahead. It will not be all smooth sailing from the test flight to mass production. The technical parameters of the jet still lag behind those of its rivals such as Boeing and Airbus and some core components and technologies still need to be outsourced overseas. It also needs to obtain airworthiness certificates from regulators in the US and Europe before it can fly in major international markets. 

We started from scratch and have gone through many hardships before Made-in-China products could win worldwide recognition. When Made-in-China products were still like a blank paper struggling to gain recognition globally, we envisioned drawing the most beautiful picture on it. 

Today, the blank paper has shown an embryo of a beautiful picture that helps us envision a brighter future. With a better painting brush, we believe we can now draw an incredible gorgeous picture for the future of China's aviation industry.     

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