Finnish company brings wearables to professional athletes

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/5/8 17:38:39

Janne Pylväs, the CEO of Myontec, wearing one of the company's new sports tech Photos: Yin Yeping/GT

The wearable device market is one of the fastest developing markets in China. Therefore, many local and international wearable device suppliers are competing for market share. However, although many products can measure metrics such as walking distance and sleep quality, there is still a lack of multifunctional wearable devices on the market for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Responding to the needs of the market, a technology startup company from Finland named Myontec has taken up the task of creating multifunctional wearables for the Chinese sports technology sector. Myontec specializes in designing comprehensive and advanced training systems for athletes. Its products are in the form of shorts and armbands that measure people's muscle activation.

The company started in 2007 and has been operating in the Finnish market for nine years. A month ago, it commenced a partnership with Guangdong Province-based Chinese sports device distributor Good Family. It also has a longstanding relationship with Shanghai University through which it provides wearable devices for the rehabilitation of the university's student athletes and research.

The device has many features. For example, it can detect people's physical makeup by quickly assessing their musculature. After evaluating the individual, the muscle detection function then suggests specific zones for that person to focus on. The software also calculates people's muscular threshold or the point at which the individual's muscles will perform optimally in his or her current condition.

Other features, such as the follow-up feature, enable users to compare different training exercises to see if there is any progress or trend that needs to be taken into account.

Users can also download Myontec's app to their smartphone or computer and link it with their wearable device to better monitor their exercise. Connecting their device to the application will allow users to track their activity in real-time with metrics such as muscle use, heart rate, speed, pace, and distance.

Myontec's wearable devices also help with rehabilitation. They can tell people what the right exercises to train individual muscles for recovery are and can send statistics to the user's doctor or fitness and rehabilitation instructor for professional advice. 



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