China's top legislator calls for rule of law, stability in Macao SAR

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/5/10 7:53:43

China's top legislator Zhang Dejiang on Tuesday called upon lawmakers, judges and prosecutors of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) to exercise the rule of law so as to maintain long-term prosperity and stability of the SAR.

Zhang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, made the remarks at the Legislative Assembly of the Macao SAR.

The Legislative Assembly, created in accordance with the Basic Law of the Macao SAR, is an important part of the political system of the SAR, he said.

Since Macao's return to the motherland, the SAR's Legislative Assembly has earnestly performed its duties to support, coordinate and supervise the SAR government according to law, and has contributed significantly to the promotion of Macao's democratic development, rule of law and social advancement, Zhang said when meeting with all members of the assembly.

The achievements have been made by the SAR's Legislative Assembly as it functions in the spirit of the rule of law and under the Constitution and the Basic Law, Zhang said.

The Legislative Assembly is an integration of electoral democracy and consultative democracy, which should play a greater role in the future, he added.

He asked the lawmakers to fulfill their oath of office and keep the motherland in mind.

Zhang said they should have a full and accurate understanding of the "one country, two systems" principle, uphold the central government's overall jurisdiction over the Macao SAR, and ensure the effective functioning of the SAR's administration-led system set up by the Basic Law.

The lawmakers were also reminded of trying and carrying on mechanisms related to the implementation of the Basic Law in order to establish a legal system commensurate with the Macao SAR's condition.

The democratic consultation with Macao's characteristics has to be maintained, Zhang told the lawmakers, emphasizing the importance for them to express aspirations of different sectors in the society objectively and supervise the SAR government in its policy implementation rationally.

Zhang urged the lawmakers to join hands with the SAR government to promote unity among the public in Macao, in order to build a strong, positive power to safeguard the national sovereignty, security and interests, and Macao's long-term prosperity and stability.

Zhang also met with the SAR's judges and prosecutors at the Court of Final Appeals and encouraged them to firmly establish consciousness about the Constitution and the Basic Law.

The Macao SAR is endowed with independent judiciary and final adjudication by the Basic Law. Courts and prosecutorates in the SAR have made substantial contribution toward the implementation of "one country, two systems," Zhang said.

He also stressed the importance of judicial impartiality in order to protect the legal rights of Macao residents and guarantee the promotion of successful implementation of the "one country, two systems" principle in Macao.

Zhang arrived in the Macao SAR on Monday for a three-day inspection.


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