Washington rapacious in pursuing military dominance

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/5/19 0:13:39

The US Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral John Richardson released a white paper called The Future Navy on Wednesday. In face of China's and Russia's naval construction, "we are headed now to a fleet that's about 310 ships … We're going to have to build ships, and we're going to have to look at extending the life of ships," said Richardson. US President Donald Trump pledged earlier to expand the Navy's fleet to 350 vessels.

The US Navy is the world's first in aggregate tonnage, quality and warfare capability, and Washington spends more on its military than the next eight countries combined. However, Washington is always alert to competition from its so-called rivals - Beijing and Moscow. This undoubtedly demonstrates Washington's avarice in expanding its military sway.

Reaching a state of absolute security is unlikely, but the US is the most strategically secure country in the world. Admittedly, China and Russia have seen growing military strength, but their capability to build aircraft carriers still lags far behind the US'. According to The National Interest, the US will have built three Ford-class aircraft carriers by 2030, and Beijing is unlikely to catch up with Washington in this field for the next few decades.

Although the world's second-largest, China's military budget accounts for only 1.3 percent of GDP. If the Pentagon insists on keeping the current gap with China in military expenditure, the US will be under a huge burden as China's GDP is catching up with the US'.

No country is willing to have an arms race with Washington. The US is chasing itself instead. American society's view on security and sense of pride have been misled by some so-called strategic elites, and advanced military equipment, for instance aircraft carriers, have become ubiquitous symbols in US pop culture.

The US is sure to be dragged into an insecure situation if it insists on intimidating other countries with its military might. At present, US national security faces urgent challenges from the Islamic world, but obviously, these challenges cannot be addressed by increasing military expenditure or building more advanced equipment.

Washington's military strength has already far surpassed that of other countries. It is the willingness to harmoniously co-exist with other civilizations that Washington lacks. The US is blindly confident of human being's worship and surrender to military might, and US elites will be at a loss when they find the military has not taken effect as expected.

Washington will drag itself down if it insists that military power is a solution for everything. The US is free to build as many warships as it wants, but an absolute dominance of the world will never reappear.

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