China shuts down 10 illegal live streaming apps, websites

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/5/24 18:23:30

The Ministry of Culture has shut down 10 online streaming apps and websites in a campaign against illegal online content.

The 10 include an online streaming app called "Qianshu," said the ministry, adding that it had punished 48 operators and 31,371 presenters and terminated contracts with 547 presenters, at a press conference Wednesday.

Wu Jiangbo, director of the cultural market division of the ministry, said that the ministry had carried out inspection of 50 major online performance operators to crack down on banned content which was obscene, harmful to juveniles, violent, feudal and superstitious, or encouraged gambling.

The ministry fined and confiscated illegal gains of 15 online performing service platforms, including,, and

The ministry encouraged the public to report such illegal activity, by telephone (010-59881010) and online (

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