Got Talent: Spicy Ad Appears During Norwegian Prime Time TV Show Published: 2017/5/25 17:37:07

Many Norwegian families who gathered in front of their TV sets to watch the popular show "Norwegian Talents" were in for an unpleasant surprise as an adult ad promoting "orgasm cream" was aired during prime time.

It was amid Saturday's episode of the TV show "Norwegian Talents," which is the Norwegian equivalent of "America's Got Talent" and is aired at prime time, that Norwegian TV2 broadcast an adult ad of a cream for a more intense orgasm.

The unfortunate sex ad triggered a massive outcry among Norwegian parents, many of which afterward had to provide unplanned and unsolicited explanations about the peculiarities of sex life to their children. The lapse resulted in strong responses in social media and a heap of angry emails to TV2.

One of those who reacted was Torgeir Waterhouse, the director of internet and new media at IKT Norge.

"Radiant evaluation of TV2 to broadcast advertisements of an orgasm cream before 'Norwegian Talents,' which many children are watching," Torgeir Waterhouse jeered at TV2 director Olav Sandnes in a tweet.

TV2 accepted the criticism and released a public apology.

"Such advertisements should not be broadcasted in conjunction with family programs. We will find out how this has happened and review our routines to prevent such ads from showing up during children's and family programs," TV2 communications director Jan-Petter Dahl told Dagbladet.

Despite TV2's orgasm gaffe, 13-year-old Vilde Winge took home the victory and 500,000 NOK ($60,000) in prize money owing to an emotional song whose message she simultaneously conveyed using sign language.

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