Adaptation of Japanese mystery novel ‘Edge of Innocence’ to hit theaters Saturday

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/5/25 17:53:39

Promotional material for Edge of Innocence Photo: IC

Chinese movie Edge of Innocence, another adaptation of a Japanese murder mystery novel after The Devotion of Suspect X, is set to hit big screens in the Chinese mainland Saturday, iQiyi Pictures announced Wednesday.

The film is based on the globally successful 1985 novel of the same name by Japanese novelist Shimada Soji.

A fan of the original novel, An Xiaofen, the film's producer had this to say about the novel, "I think the charm of a great book lies in the magic that makes you want to continue to read it until you're done. Edge of Innocence is one such book. I didn't sleep the entire night in order to finish it."

Directed by Taiwan director Chang Jungchi, the upcoming film stars young actor Huang Zitao and actresses Yang Caiyu and Li Meng.

The film, which takes the original story and moves it to China, follows 19-year-old Kang Qiao, who happens to witness the girl he has a crush on "kill" her father. Kang soon finds himself trapped between love and morality as he struggles to protect or expose the girl.

"We couldn't avoid localizing the story," An added.

"We love its structure and core, but we needed to make sure that Chinese audiences see this as a Chinese story after seeing the film. Although the novel was completed more than 30 years ago, the emotion and drama described by it remain relevant today."

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