Austrian officials join international criticism of Trump Paris agreement withdrawal

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/6/3 8:22:49

Austrian officials Friday joined the international chorus in criticizing the decision by US president Donald Trump to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, according to local media reports.

Speaking to journalists during a visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, chancellor Christian Kern expressed concern over the "example" that could be set by the move.

He added that it has shown "President Trump obviously does not understand the reality in his own country."

The US president will also have "missed the train" on investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, spending expected to be at record highs this year, he said. Austria is well-placed as a leading nation in this area to profit from these developments.

Foreign affairs minister and anticipated chancellor candidate Sebastian Kurz meanwhile called the decision "irresponsible," but said it is "clear that the historic Paris breakthrough can no longer be reversed."


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