Artists from China, US hold exhibition for World Environment Day

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/6/4 18:08:39

Flying egrets, slothful capybaras, mighty llamas are just some of the works presented by a Chinese and  US artist duo in Xiamen, East China's Fujian Province after they visited Ibera Wetlands, Argentina.

A Summer Rendezvous - which opens Saturday, two days before World Environment Day on June 5 - features 45 pieces of artworks by painter Liu Zhong and photographer Steven Rockefeller Jr.

Liu and Rockerfeller went to the Ibera Wetlands Provincial Nature Reserve in March 2016 for seven days.

Elegant and slender marsh deer, howler monkeys, and Argentina's national emblem the rufous hornero all come alive in works by the two artists.

Liu said he used his work as a platform to reflect on environmental protection.

"As an artist, I have the responsibility to advocate actions that make our environment better," Liu said. "Only in a sound environment can we produce beautiful works; in return, beautiful works propel us to create a sound environment."

This is the second time Liu and Rockerfeller have worked together. In 2015, the pair spent a week in Jackson, Wyoming, to capture the natural charm of western America.

"Liu and Steven's works manifest Argentina's natural scenery and Argentineans' unremitting awareness of environmental protection," said Liu Dawei, chairman of the China Artists Association.

"Through communication and exchanges, Liu and Steven are exploring the mission and responsibility of artists."

Gong Tingyu, vice chairman of the International Council for Caring Communities, said the exhibition transcends art and stands as a declaration of support for environmental protection and lives.

"The governments and people of China and the US both care about environmental protection. Our efforts to improve the environment will be bound to benefit all human beings and Earth," Gong said.

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