Law will not bow to dirty tricks of Guo Wengui

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/10 1:59:22

A district court in Dalian in Northeast China's Liaoning Province on Friday opened a trial into the suspected crimes of Beijing Pangu Investment Co Ltd, controlled by fugitive billionaire Guo Wengui, as well as three of its employees. As a controlling shareholder of Beijing Pangu Investment, Guo certainly cannot get away. According to the indictment, which was made public on the court's Weibo account, Guo Wengui and his son, Guo Qiang, will be dealt with in separate cases.   

The trial at Xigang District People's Court of Dalian, which was broadcast live via the court's official Weibo account, is the first legal hearing of suspected crimes related to Beijing Pangu Investment. Crimes of the suspects involved in a series of cases are under investigation.  

For quite a long time, Guo, who was involved in multiple corruption cases and fled China to the US in 2015, has been vicious and constantly launching political slander through social media to create an absurd illusion that he "knows all the secrets and speaks the truth." He tried to whitewash himself as an "anti-corruption hero who never bows amid adversity" and cheat the whole world. His dirty tricks which aim to challenge China's strict legal proceedings will only make his crimes even more serious and worsen his legal case in China. 

China's anti-corruption battle is launched in strict accordance with law and will never yield to resistance from suspects. No matter how rich and powerful or shameless a suspect is, he or she who breaks the law must be subjected to justice. Does Guo want to prove he has superhuman power with three heads and six arms? He should have known that the higher he jumps, the heavier he falls. 

Guo may fancy turning the legal actions that he faces into a tangle between the Chinese government and himself and create an illusion that it is all about personal grievances. He may even attempt to gain sympathy through his play and seek to act against the institution and establishment so as to win a chance to get a turnaround.  

But he thinks too much. China's fight against corruption is to uphold the spirit of the law and embrace justice, through which we draw strength and determination. Guo's exaggerating play will not have any impact on the judicial authorities nor can it change anything about the legal proceedings against him. It would be naïve if he fancies beating back the law. 

Guo must have been restless in the US in recent days. He must have been watching closely the progress of the legal proceedings related to his suspected crimes in China. Such reactions from him are by no means a surprise. But he must understand that all his attempts to set agenda to stir things up and attract public attention are doomed to fail. He frequently announces on social media websites that he will give new tip-offs at a certain time and stresses that the stuff he is going to reveal is extremely shocking. This may fool a few people but his dirty tricks will not disturb the pace with which the judicial system runs. No one should place himself into a position which goes against the entire institution. Otherwise it would be too presumptuous of him to do so. 

Under the current situation, Guo should not develop an illusion that living in a foreign country can permanently shield him from punishment. Those anti-China forces only want to make the best use of Guo. But as time goes by, Guo's value as a tool is gradually diminishing, which means he will be totally discarded sooner or later.

More and more violators of Chinese laws have been taking refuge in the West since the late 1980s. Some of them even view the West as a "Holy area" that can help them make an ultimate comeback. However, none have achieved the goal. Guo should not dream about creating a miracle. He should size up the situation and cooperate in the domestic judicial investigation, rather than confront it.

This is an era of globalization. Precisely, it is a world in which the criminals have nowhere to hide, a world which will not tolerate their sins. Well-educated Guo Wengui should be aware of that. Maybe he has foreseen these and is pessimistic about the future. Whether it is due to his fear or desperation, his ridiculous confrontation with the law will only make him pay a higher legal cost. No matter how rich he is, he cannot escape this logic.

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