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Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/11 18:03:39

The Chinese and Kazakh members of the Composer production crew attend a press conference in Astana, Kazakhstan on June 8. Photo: Courtesy of Shinework Pictures

China and Kazakhstan signed a film co-production agreement on June 8. A key project under the agreement, co-production Composer began shooting the same day as the signing. 

Composer depicts the little-known story of late Chinese composer Xian Xinghai's life in Kazakhstan during the 1940s. Xian is well known for his work, which includes the renowned Yellow River Cantata.

The choice to make the film was inspired by Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech at Kazakhstan's Nazarbayev University in 2013, Shen Jian, producer of the film and president of Shinework Pictures, said at the press conference for the film in Astana. During the speech, Xi explained why there is a street named Xian Xinghai Boulevard in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

When Xian was suffering from poverty and illness in Almaty due to the breakout of the Great Patriotic War in 1941, Kazakh composer Bakhitzhan Baykadamov helped take care of Xian and provide him with a place to stay.

The production team spent two years researching the story between the two composers. They also contacted Xian's daughter Xian Nina.

Chinese actor Hu Jun will play Xian and Kazakh actor Berik Aitzhanov will play Baykadamov. Baykadamov. He is a well-know actor in Kazakhstan who has played Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in a biopic about the politician.

The film will be directed by Uyghur director Sherzat Yahuf from China.

"During our research in Kazakhstan, we felt Xian Xinghai not only belongs to China, but also Kazakhstan," said Wang Xiaoyan, executive producer of the film, at the press conference.

Inspired by the Kazakh people, Xian created many works during his stay in Kazakhstan, contributing to the country's cultural inheritance and development, Wang explained.

"The two composers, with their life-long commitment to and passion for music, are role models for later generations. Their friendship is also an outstanding example of the exchanges between our two peoples," Aitzhanov said, according to a report from the Xinhua News Agency.

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