Chinese streaming site iQiyi announces three projects to support self-produced content

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/11 18:08:39

Wang Xiaohui (second from left) and iQiyi CEO Gong Yu (far right) Photo: Courtesy of iQiyi

Chinese streaming platform iQiyi is investing heavily in self-produced content similar to the way "Netflix does," said Wang Xiaohui, the site's chief officer of content, during a media briefing after the iQiyi Technology & Entertainment World 2017 Friday.

One of the biggest streaming companies in China, iQiyi also announced three projects to support streaming dramas and films: the Dolphin Project, aimed at exploring blockbuster and big budget productions; the Tiger Project, which is looking to help producers, directors and scriptwriters with funding and distribution; and the Swan Project, which is aimed at finding performers with potential and talent.  

The company also announced that it will work with renowned filmmakers including Han Sanping, Stanley Tong and Stephen Chow to create a total of 15 streaming dramas.

When asked for details about the company's recent cooperation with Netflix, Wang told the Global Times, "We want better content, so the collaboration is mainly about introducing overseas content to China. However, it must be carried out in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in China and shows must pass media review. We are the first to work with Netflix in China. We need to learn from their high production level and high quality." 

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