Chinese adaptation of Japan's ‘Midnight Diner’ debuts to extremely poor reviews

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/13 19:08:39

Promotional material for the Chinese version of Midnight Diner Photo: IC

The star-studded Chinese TV adaptation of Japanese TV drama Midnight Diner debuted to extremely poor reviews after it aired its first two episodes on Monday night. Currently, the show has an extremely low grade of 2.4/10 from over 6,649 reviewers on Chinese media review site Douban.

The original Japanese TV drama, itself an adaptation of the Midnight Diner manga series by Yaro Abe, enjoys a very good reputation in China. The first two

seasons of the Japanese show have a grade higher than 9/10 on Douban, while the third and fourth seasons each have an 8.5/10.

Due to this popularity, fans in China celebrated when news broke that a Chinese version was in the works starring dozens of veteran actors and young idols, such as Chinese actors Mark Chao and He Jiong.

However, the Chinese version began to come under fire after the first set of posters and trailers were released online. Most of the criticism was aimed at the fact the new show seemed to be an almost exact copy of the Japanese version with few local changes beyond language. 

Now, after the first two episodes of the 40-episode series have aired, the voice of criticism has grown even louder.    

On Douban,

more than 80 percent of viewers have given the Chinese TV drama only one out of five stars.

"I almost exploded from anger after the first two episodes of the Chinese version aired. I don't know why it has to be exactly the same as the Japanese version. Why wouldn't we just go watch the original then?" Netizen Fankucha Zhengdi posted on Sina Weibo.

New episodes of the show are expected to be made available at a rate of two episodes every night.

Newspaper headline: ‘Midnight Diner’ blowback


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