Love vs house

By Wang Weipeng Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/15 15:08:39

Would you get irritated if your boyfriend declines to put your name on the house ownership certificate?

In one episode of the popular drama Ode to Joy 2, Fan Shengmei bursts into a public argument with her boyfriend Wang Baichuan because he refused to add her name on the property ownership certificate.

This has caused a stir in cyberspace because this scenario echoes with phoenix men and women who hail from poor areas and successfully blend in mega-cities but struggle to keep a foothold there. Phoenix women have sacrificed a great deal just to help their partner's career. In Fan's case, she accompanied Wang during his most difficult time and even pulled some strings to save his company. This also explains why so many viewers scold Wang for being heartless.

However, the down payment all comes from Wang's parents' savings, ignorance of their opinion is selfish. Furthermore, his mother's concern about Fan's heavy family burden does not come from nowhere, which can rationalize Wang's decision to only write his own name for the time being.

Arguing about whose fault it is has never been my intention here, and I appreciate this drama because its popularity can show the increasing visibility of women in our society.

On the other hand, the TV series has sparked a reflection on the house issue between love birds. The incident mentioned here reveals that there remain many women who hold on to traditional mindsets and pin their happiness on their husband-to-be. In a time when gender equality is widely advocated, ladies should take the responsibility for their own tomorrow, those presented by others are blessings that we can appreciate but should always refrain from expecting.

Love, in its true sense, should be built on an equal footing, which means the two should share the pressure and joy together. Transferring pressure to a loved one would make it shaky and doomed. Phoenix men nowadays are actually faced with a heavier burden put out by the expectancy from the families of both sides, girlfriends and society. Either saving for the house together or listening to the payer is the decision we ought to make.

After all, love is force of nature, not a hunt for material security.

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