China Samsung looks at the rural market

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/15 17:03:39

Yun Seong-hee gives a speech at the summit. Photo: Courtesy of China Samsung


Hosts and guests during the summit Photo: Courtesy of China Samsung

2017 China Rural Education Information Innovation Summit and China Samsung's Hope Project Launch Reception took place at Beijing Normal University on June 13, marking the South Korean technology giant's ambition for expanding its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and market influence in the rural areas in China.

Nearly 50 presidents of Samsung Hope Schools were invited to the event to discuss the development of information in rural schools. The 2017 China Samsung's Hope Project Scheme was also released at the event and according to their scheme, the company will provide education aid with escalated technical devises for classes and technical training for teachers.

Yun Seong-hee, the senior vice president of the Human Resources Department of China Samsung; Wang Jian, the director-general of China Youth Development Foundation; Zhong Hongwu, the director of the research center of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the China Academy of Social Science and other education experts joined in the event together with the school presidents.

China Samsung will make the best use of their own business advantages and resources, building a global resource platform for the development of information education in rural areas in China.

It has been 13 years since China Samsung's Hope Project was launched together with China Youth Development Foundation. From constructing campuses to providing education equipment and teacher training, they are expanding their aid from hardware to software for the benefit of the schools, making them a successful brand in rural areas. Through this project, they have donated up to 200 million yuan ($29.4 million) for the construction of 28 hope schools in 28 provinces in China and another 81 schools that have benefited from donations have been equipped with digital education devices and Internet connection. Teacher training will also be the follow-up program in the future.

As the domestic mobile market grows more competitive, analysts believe that Samsung can alleviate its direct confrontation with Apple as well as improve its business performance by expanding to the rural market. Nevertheless, the leading domestic brands such as Huawei and Oppo are also the increasing challenges that Samsung will have to face across the country.


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