Isabelle Huppert gives live reading of 'L'amant' for Beijing's audiences

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/15 17:58:40

Isabelle Huppert Photo: Courtesy of Zhao Pingping

Sitting in a chair under a spotlight as music plays, French actress Isabelle Huppert kicked off the first act of her live reading of L'amant by French author Marguerite Duras at the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Art Centre on Wednesday night.  

The only performer on the stage, the "queen of French art films" read in French as Chinese and English subtitles appeared on nearby screens.

Whispering, laughing, growling, choking, and pacing, Huppert narrated the story between a poor 15-year-old French girl and a wealthy young Chinese boy who meet each other while traveling in a boat crossing the Mekong River in Vietnam during the French colonial period.

Huppert said that she chose this novel because she felt Chinese audiences would have more empathy for a story of a budding romance between a young white woman and an older Chinese man.

"I doubted that reading a book on stage would be entertaining, but this veteran actress showed just how beautiful the book was using her voice alone," wrote netizen Qin Xiaowan in a post on Sina Weibo.

"Even though I don't speak French, I could still follow what she was reading based on the tone of her voice."

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