Perpetrator of Fengxian explosion must be condemned by society

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/16 18:33:39

An explosion on Thursday afternoon in Fengxian county, East China's Jiangsu Province, killed eight people and injured 65 others. The police have identified the blast as a criminal act and the suspect is a 22-year-old man surnamed Xu, a local resident of Quanshan district, Xuzhou, which administers Fengxian. Police have found materials for making explosives in Xu's rented apartment. Xu was among the eight people killed in the incident. 

Police revealed that Xu was suspended from school after he was diagnosed with "vegetative nervous function disturbances." He then found work and lived in the rented apartment where words like "death" and "killing" have been found written on the walls. 

The act is an abominable crime. What drove Xu to perpetrate such deadly act is still under investigation. But whatever his motive was, his criminal act cannot be forgiven and should be condemned by the entire society.           

With the exception of those who suffer from mental disorder, people who act violently in society are often suffering from personal grievances in life. It can be seen around the world. However, their personal grievances can by no means be an excuse for committing such heinous crimes as killing the innocent. To vindicate such crimes is an anti-social ideology. 

A few years ago, there were a group of people who sought to justify the criminal act of extremists or even show support for their act on the Internet. The public sentiment has improved in recent years. Today, when the Fengxian explosion was identified as a criminal act, the Internet was filled with voices condemning such crimes. This is a huge social progress.  

Soon after the incident yesterday, there have been reports which said the blast was caused by an explosion of a gas cylinder. But police quickly got to work and identified the blast as a criminal act. The authorities did not seek to cover up or dodge the case and it will help garner people's trust in the information provided by the authorities when similar incidents occur in the future.  

In a complex country such as China, governments at all levels and the society as a whole have worked hard to maintain the orderly operation at the grass-roots of the society. But unpredictable incidents may happen occasionally. We need to do our utmost to eliminate hidden risks and promote social harmony. Meanwhile, we should also be practical and be able to face up to the complexity of the nation. 

The situation of China's social safety is improving overall. The government is fully capable of restricting the negative aspects of the society and the general public is confident in the government's capability.   

When there is more public consensus on issues regarding social safety and social order, and when such consensus becomes increasingly firm, the room for committing heinous crimes against society will be narrowed. 

Solving grass-roots problems is the centerpiece of social governance. The whole society has already reached a consensus on the issue. While cracking down on vicious crimes, China has also continued to push forward its grass-roots work, which has always been the focus of public discussion.  

Creating a safer society aligns with the interest of all Chinese people and is also their common wish. By harming and killing innocent people, these extremist criminals have incurred public outrage. They will, with no exception, be nailed on the Pillar of Shame and be morally condemned.   

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