European resort brands Sunparks and Pierre & Vacances debut in China

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/20 17:28:39

Gérard Brémond (left), the founder and chairman of PVCP Group and Xia Nong, the president and CEO of HNA PV Tourism Company Ltd during the ceremony Photo: Courtesy of HNA PV Tourism

HNA PV Tourism Company Ltd (HNA PV) unveiled two new tourism holiday brands, Sunparks and Pierre & Vacances and held a brand launching conference and signing ceremony in Beijing on June 15.

The launching conference marked the debut of the two European brands in China. The brands have developed unique concepts with around 300 sites in operation around the world. The company is committed to building an exotic local life and comprehensive exploring tours for city holidaymakers.

Sunparks carefully selects scenic areas accessible to the cities (within three hours' drive from downtown areas), striving to balance resources development and environmental protection.

The large-scale resorts feature 800-1,000 accommodation units that comply with international standards. Each unit has its own open kitchen, fully equipped with electrical appliances and kitchen utensils. Families can easily enjoy home-cooked meals during holidays. Various kinds of units (one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedrooms) are available and adapt for diversity of Chinese family structure. In their exclusive, private areas, everyone will be able to relax and reconnect.

Sunparks will bring new holiday experiences to Chinese families. With 300 to 500 warm and comfy holiday houses, activities in harmony with local natural landscape and ecology, the hotel can perfectly cater to the diverse and multi-dimensional holiday travel demands of Chinese.

Meanwhile, HNA PC has reached intention in cooperation with a number of local governments, cultural, tourism and property developers, as well as real estate funds, focusing on the development of cultural tourism and special town projects in the peripheral areas of first-tier and second-tier economically-developed cities. The projects provide a solution to attract tourists and long-term sustainability to the beautiful villages and village tour complexes.

During the event, Zhu Jie, the Chief Innovation Officer of HNA Tourism Group and Xia Nong, the president and CEO of the company signed official contracts with Beijing Infrastructure Group, Fuzhou Airlines Tourism Group, Riverside Investment (Beijing) and Thaiwoo Ski Resort. HNA PV's Sunparks and Pierre & Vacances will be landing in the important Chinese family holiday destinations in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Southeast of Fujian Province, Sichuan Province and Chongqing will be added in the coming years.

"Our business model is a well-developed European real estate and tourism model, which means that the group takes part in the tourism and real estate development, and then we sell the project to investors. Afterwards, we rent back the site from the investors and manage it ourselves; the revenue from tourism will serve as a return to them," Xia said.

"This model reduces vacancy rates and the risk of a real estate bubble. We believe that our model is valuable to consumers and investors, especially large real estate owners and developers. The trend of building beautiful villages in China and the blooming of parent-child market with the permission to have a second child will benefit our business model."


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