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By Zhou Xinyu Source:Global Times Published: 2017/6/20 18:28:39

2017 Shanghai voluntary blood donation commendation congress held

In honor of the 14th World Blood Donor Day, Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Red Cross Society of Shanghai and the Blood Donation Committee of the Chinese People's Liberation Army hosted the 2017 Shanghai voluntary blood donation commendation congress at Shanghai Library on June 14.

The city's national and Shanghai voluntary blood donation prizewinners were commended. More than 400 people of all walks of life in the city attended the conference.

Prizewinners receive their award certificates during the 2017 Shanghai voluntary blood donation commendation congress at Shanghai Library on June 14.

Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is lit to mark this year's World Blood Donor Day. Photos: Yang Hui/GT

The slogan of the this year's World Blood Donor Day was "what can you do?" The supplementary theme was "donate blood. Donate blood now. Donate blood regularly." The event emphasized everyone's role in an emergency, that is, giving the gift of blood to help others.

The event also emphasized that donating blood on a regular basis is equally important, so that sufficient blood reserves are always available in the event of a crisis.

Shen Yiren won the national gold medal for voluntary blood donation. "I like volunteering very much. Every time I walk into the blood center, the staff greet me warmly," said Shen, who has participated in numerous voluntary blood donation activities sponsored by Shanghai Blood Center.

"The leader of the blood center held my hands and said 'thank you.' The leader's concern gave me the motivation to keep on giving."

Since becoming a volunteer, Shen has learned about the clinical shortage of blood, and then started donating platelets. "My family and friends advised me that I'm too old to donate blood," she said.

"In fact, some diseases cannot be cured by doctors. Patients with leukemia who are waiting for a bone marrow transplant, if they do not receive the right blood in time, the patient may die of massive bleeding due to lack of platelets in the body. If I donate just one more bag of blood, the patient has more hope of survival."

Photos: CFP

Selflessness and generosity

Since 2012, Shen has donated over 100 times and participated in 1,382 hours of voluntary blood donation services. She has won many national awards for her selflessness and generosity.

"My eldest daughter died from bleeding in a hospital operating room at the age of 4. For 20 years, her appearance has often surfaced in my mind, which motivated me to become a blood donor. I want to save other people's life with my own blood."

After nine months, she could no longer donate platelets, so she wanted more ordinary people to come together to do good for society.

"I will continue to be a blood donor, and recruit more caring people to do this meaningful thing," Shen said.

"With the development of the city's healthcare, the demand for blood for clinical use is also increasing," said Zhao Dandan, the organizer of the conference.

"Some central city streets are dominated by the elderly, and the blood donation index has been issued, which is still very stressful. We rely on the strong leadership of all levels of government, good cooperation between relevant departments, extensive participation of all walks of life and the unremitting efforts of the blood collection and supply institutions," Zhao said.

"Voluntary blood donation recognition is not only the highest recognition of blood donation, but also for blood donors to give loving care and great encouragement. It embodies the whole society to attach great importance to the development of the blood donation," Zhao added.

"We hope that governments at all levels, all relevant departments and all walks of life will continue to participate in the work of the blood and make greater contributions to the safeguard of the people's health."

According to statistics, the number of Shanghai citizens who donated more than 1,000 millimeters of blood has totaled to over 10,000. The total number of blood donation volunteers in this city also has hit record highs.

Among them, the post-1980s generation has become the backbone of Shanghai's blood reserves, accounting for more than 40 percent, followed by post-1990s at nearly 30 percent.

In addition, the city has successfully established four national voluntary blood donation zones in Xuhui, Yangpu, Minhang and Songjiang districts. Xuhui district won an award for the first time.

In 2016, a total of 351,000 people participated in voluntary blood donation activities in Shanghai. The donation rate of every 1,000 people is about 14 percent, an increase of 4.6 percent compared to 2015.

The total amount of voluntary blood increased by 7.2 percent, to achieve the goal set during the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).


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